1. Sports Complex Subway Station (서울 종합운동장 역). It is stop #218 on the Green Line #2.
2. Once you are there you will need to come out of exit #6 (which is closer to the GS25 and Burger King) or exit #7 (which is a bit more direct to the rink). Once at the top of the stairs of either exit you will see the baseball stadium to your left and the main Olympic Stadium (올림픽 경기장) ( the one with the rings on the front) directly in front of you.
3. Walk directly to the front of the Olympic Stadium. Stop at the bottom of the ramp. Don't go up the ramp here!
4. Look to your right. You will see a sidewalk next to the Olympic Heroes Display. Take this sidewalk until you see a ramp. Go up this ramp. When you reach the top of it you will see the rink we play on.
on May 14th 2020
CBHK Members,

We have been informed by the Jamsil Sports Complex manager that our rink will not be available until some time in June (at the earliest). Due to this, any chance of having a season seems out of reach. The board is still working on a number of scenarios for us to have a multi-week tournament so we can at least play with the teams we were drafted on. Information about that will come once we get confirmation of an official reopening date from rink management.

All players are eligible for a refund of 120,000 won (60,000 won for goalies). You may choose to have your money reimbursed now, or you may elect to not take your money back, and this sum can be used as payment in full for the Fall 2020 season. Next seasons league fees will be 150,000 won so if you do not take the refund for the Spring season, you will save 30,000 won. Goalies will be pro rated based on what position they play next season.

Refunds will be sent to captains and they will be in charge of transferring the money to each player on their team. More information will be sent to captains and we will try to have everything sorted in the next 2 weeks.

If there is a multi-week tournament the costs of that will be announced at a later date.

This is obviously not the outcome we wanted, but we can be thankful that there have been no known CBHK players who have contracted COVID-19.

The board would like to thank everyone for understanding these circumstances and the strain it has put on all individuals in the league.

Stay Safe

- The CBHK Board
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