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Wolfhound Pub
Dillinger's Bar
1. Sports Complex Subway Station (서울 종합운동장 역). It is stop #218 on the Green Line #2.
2. Once you are there you will need to come out of exit #6 (which is closer to the GS25 and Burger King) or exit #7 (which is a bit more direct to the rink). Once at the top of the stairs of either exit you will see the baseball stadium to your left and the main Olympic Stadium (올림픽 경기장) ( the one with the rings on the front) directly in front of you.
3. Walk directly to the front of the Olympic Stadium. Stop at the bottom of the ramp. Don't go up the ramp here!
4. Look to your right. You will see a sidewalk next to the Olympic Heroes Display. Take this sidewalk until you see a ramp. Go up this ramp. When you reach the top of it you will see the rink we play on.
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Early Bird Fee – 140,000 won.
Regular Fee- 160,000 won, if paid after 11:59 PM on February 20th, 2019.

ALL FEES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 11:59 PM on FEBRUARY 28th, 2019. If payment is not received prior to this time you will not be permitted to play this season.

ALL ROOKIES are excluded from any late penalties and will pay the early bird fee, regardless of when their payment is made, as long as it's paid prior to 12:00 noon on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019.

Please transfer your fees to the following:
Name: Cory Robert Pettit
Shinhan Bank (신한은행) Account #: 110-361-331157

After transferring your fee please contact Cory at 010 6687 8144, via kakao: coryp or by email at Please provide your full name and payment details.


1. Every season we hope to have 10 teams and 120 players registered. However, if we do not reach that goal the first 78 people to have registered on the website, contacted me and paid their league fee will be guaranteed a spot on 8 teams. Anyone who signs up after number 78 will go on to a waiting list.

2. If at any time prior to March 2nd the waiting list reaches 24 people the new cut off number will be increased to 96. In this case we will then have 10 teams with 11 players per team.

3. If we do get another 14 players registered after that then the final cut off will be 110 with the standard 10 teams and 12 players per team. Anyone after this mark will be put on to a waiting list for the 120 final cut off.

4. If you are wanting to share a season please please let us know on the “Shared Season Policy and Sign up for those interested in sharing a season,” thread. We can try and pair you up with someone, if you are unable to find someone to share a season with on your own.

5. Anyone who does not get into the league this season is free to sign up to be a weekly substitute player.


All games are to be played on Sundays, except for those with an * next to the date.


February 17th - Pre-season Normal Pick-up.
February 24th - Pre-season Rookie/Captain Tournament/Camp. (1st Mandatory Rookie Day).
*March 2nd - Rookie Pick-up/Camp (2nd and Final Rookie Day) followed by the League Draft.

Regular Season

March 3rd - Week 1
March 10th - Week 2
March 17th - Week 3
March 24th - Week 4
March 31st - Week 5
April 7th - Week 6
April 14th – No Scheduled Games. Make-up Game Day.
April 21st -Week 7
April 28th -Week 8
May 5th - No Scheduled Games. ( Children's Day Weekend )
May 12th - Week 9
May 19th - Week 10
May 26th - Week 11


*June 1st – Playoff Preliminaries, only if there are 10 teams.
June 2nd – Quarter-finals.
June 9th - Semi-finals.
* June 15th – Finals, followed by the league banquet and awards ceremony.

Thanks and see you all soon!

- The CBHK The Board

Phillies Space Force 22 15 2 1 4 50 93 46 47
JR Pub Llamas 22 13 3 3 3 48 74 46 28
Route 66 Rumble 22 12 3 4 3 46 63 49 14
RGB Cobra Kai 22 10 2 4 6 38 75 64 11
BOC Expats 22 11 0 0 11 33 83 60 23
BOC Blazers 22 5 2 0 15 19 71 105 -34
Wolfhound No Regretzkies 22 3 2 3 14 16 52 96 -44
Shenanigans Boyling Point 22 2 3 2 15 14 59 104 -45
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