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The CBHK is more than just a competitive recreational hockey organization. It is a community of people with something in common – a fraternity of sorts with hockey sticks. With that in mind, here are some things league members can expect and what will be expected from them:
  • Because this is a recreational league, fighting, dirty play, body-checking and abuse of officials is prohibited. Everyone in the league needs to go back to work on Mondays, and they need to be able to do so without black eyes, missing teeth or arrest records. The case of anyone who fights, tries to injure another player or abuses a referee will be reviewed by the CBHK board and violators may be suspended or thrown out of the league without any refund of their entry fee.
  • Because this is a competitive league, players are guaranteed ample playing time in every game for which they suit up, but not necessarily the same amount of time as their teammates. Captains may choose to play their best players more during power plays, in the final minutes of close games and in the playoffs.
  • Because this is an all-volunteer league, all members are expected to pitch in at least a few times each season doing things such as keeping stats for games, goal-judging, staffing beer/food concessions and cleaning up after games are over. Please step up to volunteer before you are asked.
  • Everyone plays at their own risk. The safety of our players is the number one priority of the league, but unfortunately injuries are a fact of life.
  • The first stop for anyone with questions or concerns about their CBHK experience – including playing time, teammates, expectations, etc. – is their team captain. Do not suffer in silence. If something bothers you, let your captain know about it. If he is unable to satisfy your concern, feel free to approach the board, collectively or individually, in person or anonymously.
  • For many who have played, the CBHK has been the best thing about their time in South Korea. Everyone is encouraged to make the most of their CBHK experience, on the rink and off. Game on!