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This all started with Griz.

If you're new and don't know who that is, find the oldest looking person in the league and ask them about him. Long story short, he's a beloved former member who one day blew out his knee on the rink. Took him about a year to recover and during that time he, probably with a beer in his hand and a smile on his face, thought up the Human Fund (if I'm leaving anyone out it's completely unintentional).


The Human Fund is here to try and provide relief from any hospital bills that come as a result of any injuries on the rink. It's hockey and sometimes bad things happen, so the Human Fund is here to try and help you out. The Human Fund relies solely on donations from CBHK members and is run on a volunteer basis. At the moment, thanks to the generosity of CBHK members, the Human Fund is healthy.


The Human Fund pays out at the end of every CBHK season in proportion to the hospital bills of the people injured and the overall health of the fund. If there is enough to fully reimburse every member injured, then it will be done. We strive to make sure that everyone gets their money back but we are unable to 100% guarantee that will be the case. In case there is a rash of expensive injuries, there will be more constant fundraising activities to try and fill any gaps.


As I said, the Human Fund is healthy at the moment. We have had two seasons of relatively cheaper injuries (thanks Korean health care system!) so we are sitting with a decent surplus at the moment. Right now we would probably be able to handle one major injury, but hopefully that won't be an issue. I'm not going to go into specifics on the website, but if at any time you wish to know exactly how much is in the Human Fund contact the board.

Also, in the incredibly unlikely event that the Human Fund hits 5 million won, we will cap all further donations. That being said, it's much more likely unfortunately that the Human Fund is completely drained than that ever happen.

How You Can Help

I find providing people with lots of beer and then asking for money works the best. But seriously, anything is welcome. In the past we've run pools, we've had keggers, we've grilled meat until the rink management banned that (that one broke my heart a little). Ideas for this year already include March Madness Brackets, one or two CBHK pools, and pub crawly festivities. If you have any ideas for additional fun fundraisers, please let us know.

Also, the Human Fund is always looking for people to help out. If you're interested in helping raise money, contact The CBHK board and they will put you in touch with the correct people..

People who have ran the Human Fund include Griz, Matt Simpson, Dan Selvaggio and TJ Strycharz.

Good Luck out there and stay safe!

Last Edit: May 09th 2019