Mar 2 Draft Party at Phillies!!!

Posted on 27/2/19
This Saturday the Draft Party will kick off at Phillies at 5:30pm. The party will be hosted by Jason Lee and Eric McCune. The live draft is one of the biggest events of the season and a fun time for all except for highly sensitive lower round players whose self-esteem is tied to where they get picked. Those are the only players who might want to skip this. As for the rest...

Free beer for all!

Free shots for 1st rounders, first goalie picked, first rook picked, and the last rounders!

Come out to meet your team and for the beer and jokes.

Teams will be posted on the website the night of the draft or you can contact Cory, Zack, Marc-Andre, Jason Lee, Chris Young or Rob Gibson to find out which team you're on and what time you play the next day.

For March, games will be from 12 noon till 8pm

See you all at the draft or on Sunday.