Sunday Sep 9 First Ever Skills Clinics to be Held at 2 and 5pm!

Posted on 6/9/18
This Sunday we will be holding 2 stickhandling clinics at the rink, one at 2pm and another at 5pm. They will be conducted over by the stadium where the surface is smoother than a baby's bottom.

Bessy, Eisler Zack Wilson and one more CBHK superstar will be conducting the clinics which will be 20 minutes long. The focus will be on hand positioning and learning a couple of drills to work on at home.

The first 10 players to sign up for each clinic will receive a free ball. A prize will also be given out to who the instructors deem to be the best student at each session.

All players are welcome to attend but only 6th round and lower players will receive free balls and the prizes.

Sign up in the forum.