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April 22nd 2017 Tournament Details

Posted on 2/3/17
As we do at least once a year the CBHK is hosting a tournament to bring together good friends, meet new players and welcome teams from cities outside of Seoul. As an added bonus this season one of the CBHK original members, Shawn Amirault (9th all time in points) is coming from Hanoi with a team from their ball hockey league. Here are the details for this years tournament
Date: Saturday April 22nd 2017 
Time: To be determined (likely 10:00am)
Format: Teams of maximum 12 people. 11 players and 1 goalie. Round robin tournament with single-elimination playoffs. Game lengths to be determined.
Cost: 200,000 per team (paid in cash on the day of)
Currently we have two teams coming up from Jeju and one team coming from Hanoi. I think the CBHK should be able to produce at least an additional 3 teams. If anyone wants to step up and captain/co-captain a team they are free to do so. If individual players want to sign up as a single player they can do so and will be placed on a team of runts. 
You are free to organize your team first and then just post the names as you wish. The board encourages people from out of town or those who have never played in the CBHK to join. 
Provided will be water, cans of beer and food of some kind (likely pizza). Proceeds from the tournament will go to free beer at Phillies after the games. 
To register to play, to captain or to add to the discussion use this thread.