CBHK: Spring 2021 Finals and Free Pick-Up Info / Semi-Finals Infractions and Suspensions notice.

Posted on 11/6/21
CBHK Spring 2021 members,

This Saturday at 2:00pm is the CBHK Spring 2021 Finals between the Human Begins and the Urkels. Before the games there is free Prefinals Peacock Fundraiser Classic 11:30 to 1:50pm.

Anyone who attends must remember the following rules.

Social distancing groups of 4 with no exceptions.

Masks must be worn at all times!

Smoking must be done away from the rink and any members of the public.

Bathrooms are downstairs.

This is the final week before the Fall 2021 season and if we play by the rules it's very possible we will have more freedoms, when it comes to social distancing and masks, next season.

After the games there will be a short, social distanced awards ceremony where we will announce the winners of the awards from last season and this season.

We will be saving medals, plaques and Hall of Fame shirts for when we can actually have a banquet.

Now on to some business that took place at the rink last week.

In game 2 of a semi-final series this past Sunday, there were 3 player infractions that led to player warnings and suspensions.

Player A and Player B were racing to the boards for a loose ball when Player A attempted to gain position by butt-ending Player B, causing Player B to fall. This infraction led to a delayed penalty. During the delayed penalty, Player B retaliated by dangerously checking Player A from behind. After which, Player C came off of his team's bench and attempted to punch Player B.

Resulting penalties:

Player A - warning for butt-ending. Any similar activity in the future will result in a suspension.

Player B - suspended for 3 games total, one of which was served in game 3 of the series. The 2 remaining games will be served at the beginning of next season.

Player C - suspended for 1 game, which was served in game 3 of the series.

One of the best things about the CBHK is the intensity of the playoffs. It's a lot of fun for both players and fans. But it's important to remember that this is still a recreational league and we all need to tend to other responsibilities during the week. If you accidentally do cross the line, please offer an apology or a beer after the game (or both). It goes a long way. It should be noted that the players involved in the above infraction have reached out and offered apologies. Play hard, but play smart. We're all buddies. Enjoy the competition and treat others with respect.

Lets have a great and safe finals for all.

Game on!

- The CBHK Board